Canada eTA Requirements You Must Know

You are only allowed to apply for a Canada eTA if you meet all the requirements listed on this page. For example, you can only travel to Canada on an eTA for a vacation, business trip, or stopover to another country. 

Your passport must also meet a number of requirements. Finally, it must not pose any security risk.

Apply for eTA Canada

Do you meet all the requirements mentioned on this page? Then you can apply for your eTA right now. In addition to the requirements on this page, take into account the validity period of the eTA and the maximum stay of six months.

The purpose of your trip to Canada

The first requirement of the eTA Canada is that your purpose of travel fits one or more of these descriptions:

  • You are traveling for tourist reasons, such as a vacation or visiting friends or family
  • Going on a business trip , such as a business meeting, trade show, or conference
  • You will follow a study program that lasts no more than six months
  • You will have a layover in Canada , during which you can leave the airport if you wish

Will you work in Canada?

An eTA allows you to fly to Canada for a business trip. For example, you can visit your business partners, such as customers, prospects, and vendors. 

You can also attend a trade show, conference, or other business event. Are you going to practice a specific profession? Or are you going to do manual work? Then additional requirements may apply.

Are you going to study in Canada?

Then perhaps you already know about the study permit (“Study Permit”). It is a permit to study in Canada. If your study program lasts less than six months, you do not need a study permit. 

In that case it is enough to apply for an eTA. Are you going to study in Canada for more than six months, or do you want to look for a job or secondary employment in addition to your studies? Then you will probably have to apply for a study permit.

Your passport and nationality

Your eTA Canada is always linked to the passport used to fill out the application form . When traveling, you must carry this same passport with you. 

It must be valid for the duration of your stay in Canada. It is not? So, first apply for a new passport and then submit a new eTA application.

Nationalities with which you can apply for an eTA

Your nationality is listed on your passport. It is only possible to apply for an eTA if you do not need a visa for Canada due to your nationality. Travelers who have Spanish nationality do not need a visa, but must apply for an eTA. 

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This also applies to travelers with the nationality of Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and other countries, including any country in the European Union.

If you have ever lived in Canada

Have you ever lived in Canada? So it is possible that he is still registered there as a citizen or resident. In that case, it is not possible to apply for a Canada eTA. 

To avoid unpleasant situations, it is advisable to check well in advance of your departure whether you are still registered as a citizen or resident and whether, as a result, you still need to apply for new travel documents.

Cannot pose any security risk

The Canadian immigration service has introduced the eTA to avoid unwanted and dangerous travellers. Refers to travelers who may pose a security, health, or law enforcement risk. 

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A detailed description of the characteristics of unwanted travelers is contained in section 33-43 of the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). 

The most important requirements are the following:

  • It is not expected to place an above-average burden on Canada’s security or health services.
  • Comply with coronavirus measures in Canada , preferably including full vaccination
  • You do not have active tuberculosis or syphilis and have not been in close contact with someone who has one of these diseases
  • Sudden disability (physical or mental) is not expected
  • Does not usually have an unexpected or aggressive compartment
  • You have never violated a visa law of Canada or any other country
  • You have no criminal record, are not being prosecuted for any crime, and have never committed any crime, such as reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, robbery, assault, battery, identity fraud, trafficking or illegal possession of drugs or other controlled substances
  • You are not associated with espionage, terrorism, a coup d’état, war crimes, human rights abuses, human trafficking, money laundering and you are not part of a group in which these are carried out or have been carried out. activities
  • In addition to you, all your family members are also eligible for the eTA

Not eligible for eTA Canada?

Don’t meet all the eTA requirements? Then you can apply for a visa. Read more information about the Canada visa application procedure .

Control on arrival in Canada

During passport control on arrival, a small percentage of travelers are randomly selected for brief questioning. An officer from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will check if the eTA requirements are met. 

It is important that he can demonstrate at least the following:

  • You intend to leave Canada within six months
  • You do not intend to break any laws relating to immigration or visas
  • You have sufficient financial resources to pay for your stay and return trip
  • You have a source of income outside of Canada that you can use to support yourself and your family

Letter of Invitation

Are you traveling to Canada for a meeting with a business partner? Then take a letter of invitation from that business partner with you, as well as a written confirmation from your employer. This way you can easily prove that the purpose of your trip meets the eTA requirements. 

Ask your partner if they can be available by phone when you arrive in Canada. This will allow the CBSA to check if everything is in order.

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