How to Get Canadian Residency Permits -Temporary & Permanent in 2022

This article provides a general overview of how to apply for a temporary residence visa (TRV) and even how to become a permanent resident of Canada.

How to Obtain a Canada Temporary Resident Visa

On the website of the Government of Canada, a temporary resident visa application (also known as a visitor visa) can be accessed. Online applications are filled out, submitted, and paid for.

This kind of visa is required to enter Canada before arrival and is provided to visitors, including those traveling for business. Any accompanying family members must also complete and submit their own TRV application.

Fees and Requirements for Canadian Visa

The following are a few requirements to receive your TRV:

  • Proof that you will depart when your stay is over
  • proof of sufficient funds.
  • No intention to work or study without permission.
  • zero criminal history
  • No threat to the security of Canada.
  • Medical exam (if required) 
  • Biometrics (if required).

The application price for the TRV is 100 CAD (75 USD), plus 85 CAD for biometrics if necessary (65 USD).

How to Obtain Canadian Permanent Residence

The procedure for applying for a visa to become a permanent resident of Canada varies. Both Canadians and foreigners may submit an application.

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Prior to applying for permanent status, most permanent residents initially lived as temporary residents (often as laborers).

Permanent residence in Canada has many advantages. As a permanent resident of Canada, you:

  • will have access to the country’s healthcare system and coverage;
  • will be able to live, work, and study without restriction anywhere in Canada;
  • will be protected by Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • and, after a set amount of time, be able to seek for citizenship.

Voting is the one right that permanent residents do not have. They must become citizens to have access to this right.

The Government of Canada website includes a helpful tool called Come to Canada that asks you a series of questions about your unique circumstances and circumstance to determine if you are qualified to apply for Canadian permanent residency. It will offer a list of programs that you might qualify for based on your responses.

Applications for Canadian permanent residents are available online.

There are more than 60 immigration schemes in Canada that can result in a permanent residence. They fall into three categories in general:

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  • Family – Sponsorship through a relative who is already a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Business – permanent residency is available through business and investment-based immigration schemes. Additionally, for independent contractors, seasoned business owners, and start-up companies.

Economic-Based Permanent Residency

If you fit this description, you are a skilled worker who will upload your online self-evaluation profile (valid for one year).

Then, based on many assessment categories, you will be placed in a pool to receive a score using Canada’s Comprehensive Ranking System (a point system). The top scorers will be given the opportunity to seek for permanent residency.

If you get a formal invitation, you’ll have a set amount of time to finish your application, which also involves security and health checks.

The Canadian spouse visa process and family visas

Spouses or common-law partners fall under the family visa sponsorship category, therefore anyone who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and wants to bring their non-Canadian partner along should be aware of this.

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Remember that there is no sponsorship or application process for Canadian fiancés; instead, work toward becoming eligible as a spouse or common-law partner.

Any of the aforementioned family members may be sponsored by Canadian permanent residents or citizens:

  • spouse or common-law partner
  • dependent child
  • Under-18 year old, unmarried, and orphaned brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, granddaughters, or grandsons 

Should You Be a Sponsor

A few conditions for becoming a sponsor are:

  1. minimum age of eighteen.
  2. not be eligible for social assistance (other than disability-specific).
  3. can provide for the sponsored person’s basic requirements.
  4. Biometrics might be necessary.

Some of the documents required from the sponsor includes:

  • Photocopy of a permanent resident card or a certificate of Canadian citizenship (both sides).
  • Letter from a Canadian employer (including salary details, regular working hours, etc.).
  • ID, passport, and travel papers.
  • civil status records.

When You Are  Being Sponsored

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The following are a few conditions for the individual being sponsored:

  1. All documents must have official translations in either English or French.
  2. Proof of relationship to the sponsor
  3. Police certification.
  4. medical examination
  5. Biometrics might be necessary.

Keep in mind that requirements may vary slightly if you are a sponsor who resides in Quebec. For information, it is preferable to get in touch with  the Québec Ministry of Immigration

Business Visa

The final category works with regional or national immigration schemes. The majority of provincial immigration laws demand a two-step procedure that begins with a work permit (see above).

When applying, you will typically additionally require a medical test, police records, and certified translations of all documents.

This category includes the Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Program. If candidates fit the bill for the program, a province will nominate them for this category (varies based on province).

However, they all typically need for a minimum net worth of 350,000 CAD (263,300 USD) and sufficient administrative expertise. Some of the programs also demand a minimal deposit, which is reimbursed to the applicant after the application is approved and the firm is operational.

This procedure also includes routine inspections for criminal activity and health. Among the participating provinces are:

Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and the North West Territories.

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In the category of Business, Québec has its own Immigrant Investor Program, Entrepreneur Program, and Self-Employed Program.

Visa Requirements for Canadian Permanent Residence

Once you have received your Canadian permanent residency visa, you must continue to meet certain conditions in order to preserve your status. According to the residency requirement, you must spend two of every five years in Canada.

You run the danger of losing your right to permanent residency in Canada if you don’t. If you do lose it, you have 60 days to file an appeal.

Canadian Permanent Resident Fees

  • Québec business immigration 1,540 CAD for company immigration, visas for independent contractors, and startup visas (1,160 USD)
  • 1,040 CAD for economic immigration (Express Entry) (785 USD)
  • Sponsorship from a spouse, parent, or grandparent costs 1,040 CAD (785 USD)
  • Sponsorship for dependent children: 50 CAD (38 USD)
  • 50 CAD for a permanent resident card (38 USD)
  • Biometrics: 85 CAD (65 USD) or 170 CAD (125 USD) for families of two or more applying at the same time.

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