Requirements to Study and Work in Canada: What You Must Know

Canada is one of the most attractive countries in the world for students and professionals; It has a high quality of life, a stable economy, multiple study opportunities and a growing labor market, so it is important that you know about some courses and recommendations to study in Canada.

Why study and work in Canada?

Having the possibility of receiving academic and professional training, in one of the best educational systems in the world , and where, in addition, you can alternate your education with a job that allows you to help with expenses and expand your network of professional contacts, are just a few. of the reasons to study and work in Canada.

Studying in Canada allows you to enhance your professional profile and opens the doors to increasingly competitive international labor markets, where your academic training and work experience are valued. That is why we recommend that you know 3 important aspects to choose a study program in Canada.

On the other hand, if you are interested in emigrating to Canada, this country offers you an excellent alternative to achieve it through studies. This will give you better opportunities in the Canadian job market and the possibility of starting a new life with your family. 

Requirements to study and work in Canada

To start your study and work adventure in Canada, you will have to know all the requirements very well. Having reliable and truthful information is key to this entire process and we want to help you.  

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Academic requirements

Everything must start by meeting the requirements to enter a college in Canada, for this, you need a high command of English. 

After choosing the program you want to study, you must know all the documents requested by the institution so that you can apply. They are generally: 

Titles of your previous training

If you have university education, you must present the title that accredits it , as well as all the certificates you have in terms of academic training.

Motivation letter 

An important requirement when applying to universities and colleges in Canada is a motivation letter. 

In general terms, it is a brief essay where you state the reasons why you want to enter that institution , as well as the qualities and skills you possess. 

Remember that you must write it in perfect English and without grammatical or spelling errors. 

Letter of recommendation 

Some universities or colleges may ask you for letters of recommendation depending on the program you choose. These are letters that contain a written reference about you, it can be academic or work.

Go to someone who has known your work well and can attest to your abilities. 

Requirements to obtain your Canadian student visa

Canada offers different visas for people who decide to study, work, travel or live in the country. If you want to study in Canada, these are the requirements for your student visa:

Valid passport

Carry out the necessary procedures so that your passport is valid for the duration of your study program in Canada. This way you will avoid inconveniences and delays in obtaining your visa.

Enrollment at an accredited institution

Verify that the institution and program you want to study is accredited by the Canadian government with all credentials up to date.

International health insurance

An important requirement for the granting of the student visa is that you and your family, if applicable, take out medical insurance that covers the entire study period in Canada.

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Proof of economic solvency

You must have documents that prove that you have the necessary money to pay for your studies and support, including that of your family, if applicable.

Requirements to work in Canada 

To work in Canada while you study, you only have to enroll in a program that allows you to obtain this authorization. Remember that language courses do not grant you a work permit in Canada. 

As soon as you arrive in Canada, you will need to submit your work permit application. All foreigners who want to work in Canada must have a work permit.

If you also want to obtain a work permit after graduation, you must complete an academic program lasting more than 8 months. 

Types of courses that allow you to study and work in Canada

Studying and working in Canada is a great experience that you have to make the most of . You have a wide variety of study programs , therefore, research well before organizing your trip which one best suits your preferences and needs. We also recommend knowing 5 tips for choosing a public college in Canada.

In Canada you can find 3 types of programs that allow you to work while you study :

Vocational programs in Canada

These programs provide you with a technical education and are a great alternative that prepares you for the job 

These include certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas. Its duration is between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the program you choose. 

Masters and doctorates

Studying at a university to specialize in your area with a master’s or doctorate allows you to work while you study . You have a wide variety of university alternatives and thus obtain the ideal postgraduate degree for you.

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The duration of master’s programs in Canada is 1 to 2 years. 

Programs CO-OP

CO-OP programs are theoretical-practical programs that are carried out in cooperation with the institution that teaches the program and an employer, where you will carry out your professional practices. 

You receive your theoretical classes and from that moment you can start working 20 hours a week. At the end of the theoretical part you will work 40 hours a week, doing your work practices. 

What Level of English do you need to Study and Work in Canada

We want you to understand that everything must start from your goals and this is the best way to start planning your project to study and work in CanadaTherefore, we invite you to learn about the requirements, courses and advice to study English in Canada.

Being clear about this from the beginning will allow you to prepare to meet this key requirement . Shall we start? 

Why should you study and work in Canada?

First of all, we want you to know that if you plan to develop your professional career in Canada and work in this country, taking a study trip is the best way to achieve it. 

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Vocational and university students can work in Canada for up to 20 hours per week. In addition, in the academic environment they usually make excellent contacts to project themselves at the work level. 

Additionally, as you may already know, salaries in Canada are excellent . Therefore, with the average salary of an international student, you will be able to cover your expenses. So, can you imagine if you won like a pro? 

In this way, Canada provides an ideal environment for Latin American professionals to give their careers a boost, first with studies in institutions of the highest quality and additionally, fascinating job opportunities.

If your goal is only to work for a season

Many professionals want to travel to Canada to gain international work experience that adds to their profile and then return to their home countries with a better resume. 

Studies are a great way to meet this goal. In this case , the recommendation would be to take a vocational program at a private college.

In these institutions, they will ask you for at least an intermediate level of English, which will allow you to understand the lessons and participate in class.   

So you could have a part-time work permit and if you study a CO-OP program, do an internship in a Canadian company. 

If your goal is to migrate to Canada with a work permit

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to migrate to Canada permanently and have a work permit, you should opt for a different alternative. 

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In this case, studies will be key in this process, since the only way to achieve this is to study at a public college in Canada. 

These institutions will require you to have an advanced level of English that you must prove through an international test, such as the TOEFL, Cambridge or IELTS. Generally, the latter is the most requested. 

In this way, you will be able to have a part-time work permit while you study and at the end of the course, you could apply for a post-graduation work permit

You will be authorized to work in Canada for a time equivalent to the duration of the study program completed, which can be up to 3 years. 


Without a doubt , studying and working in Canada will open doors to other cultures, ideas and ways of life.

The experience and training that Canada offers you will allow you to improve your professional profile, as well as expand your network of contacts, opt for better employment opportunities and improve your quality of life for you and your family.

Start building your future from today, Canada offers you the best of opportunities.

As you can see, depending on the goal you want to achieve in Canada, you will need an intermediate or advanced level of English. 

Complying with this requirement is essential to start paving the way towards your study and work project in Canada. Dare to do it! 

Many professionals dream of living, studying and working in Canada, and when they realize that they do not have the necessary level of English, they get frustrated. However, we want to tell you that if this is your case, it is always possible to learn the language, find the most suitable way for you! 

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