Study in Canada: Step-by-Step Guide for International Students

Surely you have considered the possibility of studying in Canada, but when looking for the information required to do so, the requirements and each of the steps to study in Canada as an international student, you usually do not have much success.

But don’t worry, it’s normal to find a lot of information about studying in Canada that doesn’t usually give the necessary guidance to start projecting your study plan abroad.

However, today throughout this article we are going to share with you the step by step to study in Canada that you need to know to achieve your purpose of starting a new stage of studies in this country.

Steps to Study in Canada as an International Student

1. Understand the requirements to study in Canada

To study in Canada you must choose a study program that allows you to stay more than 6 months in the country, since you must apply for a student visa, and for this, you must meet some basic requirements:

  • Passport: must be valid for your stay.
  • Institution Enrollment: Must be a Government of Canada approved institute.
  • Acceptance letter from the institution: you will obtain it once you have met the requirements of the University or College and the registration payment has been successful.
  • Demonstration of economic funds : for the Canadian Government it is very important that you have a way to stay in the country.
  • Medical Tests : it is not mandatory, but they may ask you for it depending on the information given.

2. Decide what you want to study in Canada

Education in Canada is one of the best in the world and offers us a wide variety of study programs; which is a great opportunity for international students. 

To choose the best program for you, you must keep in mind your goals and what you want to achieve when you arrive in Canada.

One of the great advantages that the Canadian country offers us is that it not only allows us to carry out English and French programs, but also gives you the opportunity to improve your professional profile and thus increase your job opportunities.

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So what can we study in Canada? Let’s see:

  • English Courses – You can find general English, business English, and test preparation courses like IELTS.

An important fact that we must highlight here is that language programs do not give you a work permit.

  • Vocational Programs: these are courses focused on your training for work. Depending on the program, your time can range from 6 months to 3 years. 
  • University Programs: these are high-quality programs and cover all areas of study. An important aspect to highlight is that these programs focus on research and creative development.
  • CO-OP programs: they are theoretical-practical programs. Educational institutions have agreements with companies so that at the end you can carry out your professional practices.

3. Define the time you are going to study in Canada

As for the time, you must take into account the duration of the program you have chosen, since this will depend on how long you will stay in the country. 

For example, if you chose a program to improve your English and it lasts an average of 6 months, that will be the allowed time you will have to be in Canada. 

4. Choose the city and institute where you want to study

Choosing the city is a very important point, since it must be adjusted to your objectives so that you can make the most of the opportunities that the city can offer you in the future.

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That is why we give you 5 excellent options so that you can choose the best city for you:

  1. Vancouver : a city full of nature and beautiful landscapes. If you are a lover of outdoor activities, this city is a great option for you. 
  2. Toronto: Here you will find many job opportunities, since it is the headquarters of large companies. 
  3. Calgary: It is the largest city in the province of Alberta and plays an important role in the educational, cultural and economic spheres of the province. 
  4. Victoria: This city has a temperate climate and is famous for having the University of Victoria, one of the largest universities in Canada.
  5. Whistler: It is considered a winter paradise, as it has one of the most important tourist complexes in North America. 

5. Start with the visa paperwork and procedures you need

When you are clear about the requirements to study in Canada, the study program and the institution where you are going to study, the process is easier. 

Now, it’s time to start the paperwork for your student visa, also known in Canada as a Study Permit . To obtain it, you must follow these steps:

  1. Enroll in a study program: you must be an institution approved by the Government of Canada.
  2. Wait for the confirmation documents from the educational institution: Offer Letter (confirmation document) and Proof of Acceptance (proof of acceptance)
  3. Request your student visa for Canada through the online portal : you must enter the required data and documents.
  4. Carry out medical exams and biometric data : for biometric data it is very important to request an appointment in advance and the medical exams will be requested based on the information you previously provided.
  5. Wait for the visa approval: the best part, and that is when your approved visa arrives. The process can take approximately 1 month.  

6. Book accommodation and purchase health insurance

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Choosing your place of accommodation during your stay in Canada is not an easy task. Among your options are:

  • Stay with a host family
  • Stay in a student residence 

On the other hand, health insurance is essential in Canada, in fact it is mandatory. Its costs may vary depending on the region in which you are going to reside, in addition, it can be private or provincial. 

For example , in Vancouver, it is a requirement to take out private insurance for the first 3 months of your stay and after that time, you must register for provincial insurance.

7. Organize your flight itinerary and prepare your luggage

It’s time to organize your trip! 

Remember to buy your flight tickets in advance, the price may vary depending on the time of year and your country of origin.

On the other hand, we recommend that you make a list of what you will need to carry in your luggage, including all the necessary documents. 


Are you looking to study in Canada to develop your professional profile and find new job opportunities? Investing in study programs in Canada can give us the growth we are looking for.

Did you know that, in the famous PISA test, Canada ranks 7th in the world? This is undoubtedly an indicator of the high level of education in the Canadian territory.

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Canada can open a great door for you to opportunities that can improve your professional profile. Learn in this article five (5) reasons to invest in a Canadian study program and what you should keep in mind when choosing one.

Why studying in Canada can boost your professional profile?

Canada is a window that opens opportunities and having an academic education in this country that has a high academic level will undoubtedly be very positive for your professional growth. 

Here are some reasons why studying in Canada can boost your professional career:

  • You access a stable economy with well-paying jobs.
  • You can study high-quality study programs and work at the same time.
  • You get an additional international experience that enriches your professional profile.
  • You acquire a better quality of life in one of the first world countries.

5 reasons to invest in study programs in Canada

We know that investing in a study program in Canada can be a great challenge, but without a doubt, this experience will allow us to boost our professional profile and expand our opportunities. 

Here are some of the most important reasons to study in this country:

1. You have a wide academic offer

You have probably asked yourself “what can I study in Canada?” while researching on the internet.

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In Canada you can find study programs such as: certifications, diplomas, CO-OP programs and master’s degrees within its wide academic offer. This has made this country one of the main destinations to study and grow professionally.

2. You improve or master another language

It’s no secret that the best way to improve or learn a new language is to live in a country where you have to use it every day to communicate. Therefore, studying in Canada will not only make us more fluent in a new language, it will also increase our confidence and security when communicating with other people.

3. You access better job opportunities

By studying in Canada we can get better jobs and income, as well as an enriching life experience. This country gives us the possibility to work while we study and to aspire to job offers once we finish our studies.

4. You develop your career exponentially 

Study programs in Canada are a way to get that promotion we are looking for or highlight our professional profile to generate more interest in companies. Studying in Canada is one of the best decisions we can make to enhance our career and meet all our goals.

5. You have the possibility to improve your quality of life

When we invest in a study program in Canada, we are also investing in a better quality of life. Since in this experience we have the opportunity to get to know a new culture, generate new relationships and, of course, boost our professional profile to improve our lifestyle.

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What should you take into account when choosing a study program in Canada?

When choosing a study program in Canada, we must take into consideration the following aspects:

1. Think about your goals in Canada

Only then will we know what we really want to achieve in this country. Our objectives could be, for example, to expand our professional training, obtain a work permit, permanently migrate, etc. 

2. Take into account your interests or professional profile 

What do you want to achieve? Whether we are looking for programs to study and work in Canada or just study to improve our professional profile, we must be very aware of the direction we want to give our professional career and explore the alternatives that best suit our interests.

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3. Define a budget to study in Canada

This is an important aspect that we must not forget. In the budget, we must take into consideration the cost of registration, the duration of the program we choose, the costs of living in the city where we stay and, of course, the entertainment activities that you do. In this way we will have a clear idea of ​​the budget we need.


Now that you know how to study in Canada and what is the step-by-step to follow to do it correctly, the time has come to start planning your study project in the Canadian country.

Take each of these steps, requirements, and recommendations into account when choosing your study program, applying for your student visa, and planning your trip to the Canadian city where you are going to stay.

You are just a few steps away from studying in Canada and starting to improve your professional profile, which will surely bring you great opportunities.

Every day more young people decide to invest in programs to study in Canada with the aim of broadening their professional horizons and obtaining better opportunities that offer them a better quality of life. 

In this reading we share some reasons and advice to study in Canada with the intention of providing you with a small guide to help you choose the program that best suits your professional goals and objectives. 

We hope that this information has been useful to you and that very soon you will be able to start a new stage of your professional life by completing a study program in Canada.

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