Do I need an eTA if I have a Study Permit for Canada?

Are you going to study in Canada? To take a course or study in Canada you will always need an eTA. If you want to do a study program that lasts more than six months, you will also need a Study Permit.

An eTA is sufficient for a short period of study in Canada

Do you want to study in Canada for less than six months? Then you just need an eTA. Therefore, you do not need to apply for a visa or study permit.

To be entitled to an eTA Canada you must have Spanish nationality or one of the countries that appear on this list . This includes all the countries of the European Union, but also Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

When should you apply for a study permit?

You can also apply for a Study Permit. A study permit is an additional document to the eTA Canada. To check in on a flight to Canada, an eTA is always required. 

If you are granted a study permit, you will automatically receive an eTA. Applying for a study permit has two advantages:

With a study permit you can carry out longer studies

Are you traveling with an eTA and without a study permit? In that case, your study program cannot last more than six months. For example, it is not allowed to divide an eight-month study period into two trips of four months each. 

It is also not allowed to follow a study program that lasts more than six months in total. The only exception is for exchange travelers. 

If the exchange program does not last more than six months or if it is part of a longer study program, it can be followed without a study permit.

With a study permit you can work part-time

Do you only have an eTA Canada and do not have a study permit? So you can’t work part time in Canada. Colleges sometimes offer the chance to earn some extra money through a part-time job, on or off campus. 

Be careful if your eTA expires before your study permit

Will you be leaving Canada during your studies? For example for a getaway to the United States, or to visit your family and friends outside of Canada

Please note that you must have a valid eTA when you return to Canada to resume your studies. It may be that your study permit is still valid, but your eTA is not. For example, because you have started using a new passport. 

My application has been rejected, what do I do?

In the rare case that an eTA application is rejected, the immigration service does not normally indicate the reason. The most common reasons why applications can be rejected:

• You have filled out the eTA Canada application form incorrectly or incomplete
• You forgot to fill in your second nationality on the eTA form
• You have lived in Canada once and are still in the Canadian population register
• You have ever broken a visa-related law of Canada or any other country
• You have had problems with the immigration service during a previous trip to Canada
• You may pose a risk to the health or safety of residents in Canada
• Places a higher than average burden on security or health services in Canada
• Has ever committed or is suspected of committing a crime, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Is associated with espionage, terrorism , a coup, war crimes, human rights abuses, human trafficking, money laundering, or membership in a group that is carrying out or has carried out one of these activities
• You do not meet the other requirements to travel on an eTA Canada
• One of your family members is inadmissible for any of the above reasons

What you can do if your application is denied

First of all, check if you have filled in the application form correctly. In the email you received as confirmation of receipt of your application, you can find most of what you had filled out. 

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Do you discover an error, for example in your passport number or in your name? Submit a completely new eTA application. Didn’t discover any bugs? In that case there is no point in applying for a new eTA; a new request will always be rejected again.

Do you know the reason for the rejection? In that case you can try to solve the problem and then apply for an eTA again.

Don’t know the reason for rejection?In that case it is better to apply for a visa for your trip to Canada. The request may be approved immediately. But you will most likely have to provide additional documents first.

Has your eTA application been rejected? In that case the full cost of the Canada eTA will be refunded. This does not apply to travelers for whom an eTA application has previously been rejected. 

No one is responsible for any damage resulting from a late or rejected application. You can get more information about this by reading the general conditions

My eTA is about to expire, can I extend it?

If you are already in Canada

There is an expiration date on your eTA. That date is the last day you can arrive in Canada with your eTA. Once in Canada, it is no longer necessary to take into account the expiration date of the eTA. 

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However, the maximum length of stay in Canada should always be taken into account. When you arrive in Canada, your passport will usually be stamped with the date you must leave the country again. 

If this does not happen, you can stay in Canada for a maximum of six months.

If you are not currently in Canada

Your eTA expires as soon as you start using a new passport, otherwise no later than five years after your application has been approved. If your eTA is about to expire, you cannot apply for an extension. 

However, you can always apply for a new eTA, even if the old eTA has not yet expired. A new eTA always overwrites all previous eTA travel permits.

If you plan to stay in Canada for more than six consecutive months before you leave, apply for a visa instead of an eTA. This ensures that you will be allowed to stay in Canada for more than six months and how long your stay can last.

Can I still cancel my eTA application?

It is possible to cancel your eTA application and receive a refund of the costs paid until your application has been processed by the Canadian Immigration Service (IRCC). This typically occurs within ten minutes of your payment being received.

Most travelers want to receive their eTA as soon as possible. Therefore, we do not wait for a certain period of reflection or cancellation to elapse. Before making the payment, you have confirmed that you agree with this.

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Has your application already been processed by the immigration service and has not yet received approval? In that case you can still withdraw your request, but you will no longer be able to receive a refund. 

You can withdraw your request by replying to the email confirming that your request has been received. Do you want to submit a new application because you made a mistake when filling out the previous application? A new application overwrites all previously submitted applications and granted eTAs.

Has your eTA Canada application been approved? In that case you can no longer cancel or withdraw it. Nor if you no longer use your eTA, regardless of the reason.

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